Paddington to Bristol, each side of the carriage is arranged such that one faces travel and one is against. She must have been mid-20s, light blonde hair and a short skirt. Her limbs like an external skeleton. Every hard bump, line and contour exposed in horror show profile. Seemingly no flesh at all, nor muscle nor vein...just epidermis over vital scaffold. Her skin so pale it only make the effect all the more eerie.

In order to rise and get something from the overhead luggage she first shuffles to the edge of her seat and does so with exquisite attention to dignity. Legs together, hand gently dropped in her lap. I have never seen so much of another human being in all my life, every ball in every socket, the prominence of her patella, all on display, yet here she was trying to hide her knickers.

I imagine her standing before me. Her knickers big, white and shapeless. Hooked over her iliac crest and draped down to the baggy crotch. Nipples deserted of any fleshy backing. A chest she hates and worries that no man would find attractive. From her luggage she takes a compact notebook and pen. Old school. She probably does everything old school, her pubis fronted with wild, untamed blonde hair that gets matted on self-abuse.

I imagine the span of her pelvis in my hands. The sallow pale of my cum on her skin. The snake that undulates up and down the length of her back, never gaining the strength to break through. Her coccyx pointing at me. Accusational. Knowing what I'm about to do.